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Tuition and Fees

Here you will find a schedule of Tuition and Fees for each program offered at TCTC.  You may view or download any of the following Tuition and Fees schedules.  Please see the information below for detailed information about payment plans and our refund policy.


Payment Options

Texas County Technical College’s administrative office staff is available to discuss financial aid and payment plans with the student and/or parents. Tuition is on a per program/credit hour/clock hour basis. Tuition and other semester fees are due on the first day of a semester. All fees are the responsibility of the student.

Tuition and fees are payable in full before the start of the scheduled semester, or students may elect to pay their tuition & fees over the course of the semester by using the college’s payment plan. TCTC offers a payment plan to students who need to pay tuition and fees or balances after financial aid (if applicable) has been applied over the duration of the semester.

A student may select one of the following options:

  1. Full payment (pay in cash, check, or credit card).

  2. Payment plan. A monthly payment plan is available to pay tuition and fees over the duration of the semester. A TCTC promissory note must be completed. Payments are due on the fifth (5th) of every month. Students will pay a monthly payment plan fee of $25.00 per month if tuition and fees are not paid in full at the start of the scheduled semester. The monthly fee will not be waived.

    Students will pay the college within ten (10) days from the due date on the most recent billing statement to avoid late fees. Late fees are assessed at 12% per annum on any past due account. Any balances not paid as agreed upon in the payment plan, will be assessed interest at 1% per month on the unpaid balance or 12% per annum. Any collection costs or legal fees incurred during collecting an account will be the responsibility of the student.

    Students who fail to comply with payment plan in any semester may be denied the opportunity to register for future semesters and may be denied the opportunity to participate in future payment plans.

All delinquent accounts will be charged accumulated interest/late fees/any attorney/ legal fees and collection fees.

Transcripts and diplomas will not be released until all the student’s financial obligations to the school have been met. Requests for transcripts and/or diplomas will be held for 10 business days when payments for outstanding charges are made by personal check.

Refund Policy

Once the student officially notifies the administrative office and the program director/instructor with the request to withdraw or is terminated, the school will calculate a refund or payment arrangement as of that date. If the student is a minor, requests should be signed by both the student and parent/guardian. Any balance of the refund money due the student shall be made within thirty (30) days. If a student receives funds from any other financial aid program, all refunds shall be as prescribed by that funding agency’s refund policy.

Federal regulations require that when a student officially withdraws or stops attending classes, the amount of Federal Title IV aid assistance a student has “earned” up to the last date of attendance must be calculated using a pro-rata formula. If a student completes more than 60% of a period of enrollment, (fall semester, spring semester, summer semester) a student will have earned all of the financial aid awarded, and his/her account will not be adjusted. Students attending less than 60% of a semester will have federal financial aid recalculated. If a student received more financial aid than he/she has earned, the excess funds will be returned on the student’s behalf by the college to the program from which aid was received. In most instances, a student will be left owing the college.

Upon official notification of withdrawal, the financial aid officer will perform the return calculation, and students will be notified by mail. If there is an outstanding balance, students are responsible for making payment arrangements with the college.

Students who withdraw from all classes prior to completing more than 60% of a semester will have their federal financial aid recalculated based on the percent of the semester they have completed. For example, a student who withdraws completing only 30% of the semester will have “earned” only 30% of any Title IV aid received. The remaining 70% must be returned. “Title IV funds” refers to the federal financial aid programs authorized under the Higher Education Act of 1965 (as amended).

Refunds are returned according to federal policy in the following order: Unsubsidized Direct; Subsidized Direct; Direct Plus loans; PELL Grant; other federal, state private, institutional sources of aid, and then the student.

Students in credit or clock hour programs who drop or withdraw may be entitled to a refund for tuition and semester fees (preadmission fees are not included in refund) according to the following schedule:

Within the first week of the semester 100%

Within the second week of the semester 75%

Within the third week of the semester 50%

Fourth week or later – no refund